A Community Co-Op

we’re built on a transparent model with a more-than-profit focus.

We often hear this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein:

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

And so it goes, with the oft-derided “Mainstream Media.” How could another media project, sharing the same business model as the monopolized mainstream possibly hope to break through the cracks, sustaining and empowering independent storytelling?

The tools for independent, democratic and transparent media creation are more available than ever. By establishing a Co-Operative business model, our membership base publicly seeks to support other like-minded ventures by providing important services in branding, media and communication.

We pledge to seek the Game Changing Solution, to involve ourselves in a sharing economy, and to focus our genius on solving BIG problems.

And while our bylaws and membership components are not yet written, we invite the festival media community, event producers and potential sponsors to begin the engaging task of creating a structure that enables the Media Hub to become a centralized platform to enable awesome media making.