Meet the Team


Wesley Wolfbear Pinkham
Media Wrangler
A Man of Many Hats. A Creative Consultant with an array of writing, shooting, designing and producing skills, Wolfbear blends a professional background in cultural institutions, creative agencies and community building. He also plays the melodica.
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Megan May Stone
Equal parts Producer, Editor, Shooter, and Admin Queen, with a bevy of skills in scheduling and finance, casting, and locations.
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Saphir Lewis
As founder of Festival Fire, Saphir is a valuable resource for festival production and content development. With years at the forefront of transformational culture, her finger is placed squarely on the pulse of an ever-expanding movement.
Festival FireFestival FireFestival Fire
Richard "Ranchsauce" Guerra
Encyclopedia Salesman
As Editor-in-Chief of, Guerra is a Gonzo-driven thought-leader, writer and cultural commentator in the underground counter-culture.
LostinSoundKnew rEvolution
David Stickel
David brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in IT, systems development, and internet marketing. He also has access to a wealth of couches, making him the Optimyst who sits the most comfortably.
Head QuartersHead Quarters
Graham Berry
Community Manager
Graham comes with a stocked social toolbox: awesome interpersonal skills, a relentless can-do spirit and a simple analogy for every technical explanation.
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Brett Bollier
Brett is a specialist in capturing meaningful interviews and the visual heartbeat of the event.
Culture Spark MediaCulture Spark Media
Edward Clynes
Edward seems to move effortlessly through an event, camera at the ready. His captures are poignant, expressive and full of humanity.
Edward Clynes PhotographyEdward Clynes PhotographyEdward Clynes Photography
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin is equally at home capturing long form, in-depth stories and quick, powerful promos.
Culture Spark MediaCulture Spark Media
Andrew Burgher
In the air or on the ground, Andrew manages to capture it all, from the big picture to the tiniest details.
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Lizzie Rose
Photographer & Videographer
Lizzie captures all the colors! Specializing in fashion and product photography, her techniques breathe life into still moments.
Juliana Bernstein
Shooting under the moniker Get Tiny, Juliana is a regular contributor to The Untz.
Get Tiny PhotographyGet Tiny PhotographyGet Tiny Photography
Derran Ohanian
Derren Ohanian of DNA Imagery is a true jack of all trades: photography, video, web & app design.
Nisha Burton
Nisha dances gracefully through any environment. Her sense of rhythm is evident in the movement of her imagery.
SparrowHawksMediaArtsSparrowHawk Media Arts
Violet Starkey
Violet has a way of capturing those raw, priceless moments that we all look for. Her speciality is diving into the essence of her subjects allowing a gateway for anyone to feel the story.
Gabe Ruiz
Gabe Ruiz aka Crowded Coffin is equally at home backstage or in the mosh pit.
Crowded CoffinCrowded CoffinCrowded Coffin
Roy Huerta
A talented illustrator whose watercolors capture the essence of an event.
Louis Fisher
Fish is equal parts dancer, artist and photographer, drawing on his subjects and capturing the genuine smiles he elicits as he works his way through a crowd.
Louis Fisher PhotographyLouis Fisher Photography
Roy Hathon
Roy has the tools to get the shot, from Go Pros to Aerials to sliders and manual aperture lenses.
Urban Green ProductionsUrban Green ProductionsUrban Green Productions
Aaron Dorr
A seasoned pro, Aaron stays up until the wee hours because that's when all the weirdos come out.
Zipporah Lomax
With touching images that reverberate deep into the soul space, Zippy is a true artist, focusing on exquisite details with the nuance that only a talented singer and clothing designer can bring.
Zipporah LomaxZipporah LomaxZipporah Lomax

The Spiritual Advisory Board

Jonah Haas
A co-founder of Lucidity Festival, Jonah is dedicated to supporting the expansion of both individuals' consciousness and communities' resilience. His mentorship encourages authentic communication by standing in integrity, by networking, utilizing social media, and always... by dreaming big and holding space for possibilities.
Jonah HaasJonah HaasJonah Haas
Maya Zuckerman
Media Futurist
Maya is Marketing Manager at Keyframe Entertainment, designer of future-tech sci-fi fiction with Em's Theory and the co-founder of Transmedia SF. Maya's focus is on the intersection of where storytelling meets technology and where the tech world meets transformational culture.
Maya ZuckermanMaya ZuckermanMaya Zuckerman
Zac Cirivello
Social Disruptor
Zac is a ringleader in the Burning Man Media Circus. Beyond his impressive skills as a photographer and Media Coordinator, he is a leading thinker in conscious gatherings, asking the toughest questions about authenticity and counter-culture politics.
Zac CirivelloZac Cirivello